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This is your opportunity to be a thought leader in the video production industry.

Videomaker captures the attention of hundreds of thousands of video creators every month. Reaching them with a well-written article can be a great way to increase awareness of your brand and build your reputation as a thought leader in the video production industry.


Videomaker not only publishes guest and sponsored content, but we also do so in a way that makes our readers aware of the nature of Videomaker's relationship with the brands that originate the content.


Here's what we recommend.

To be as effective as possible with your guest post or sponsored article, we recommend creating engaging and sharable content. To do, writers should

  1. Provide valuable information. 

  2. Keep your content relevant to video creators.

  3. Offer unique ideas that are hard to find with a quick Google search.

  4. Keep your article easy to read and free of technical jargon.


Here's what you should avoid.

Too many guest posts and sponsored articles are schlocky ads that reek of marketing spin. Readers will pick up on this quickly and abandon your article before finishing it. To avoid reader abandonment, we recommend that you

  1. Avoid writing an overt advertisement.

  2. Try not to be biased in your approach to a topic.

  3. Don't write about topics that are no longer relevant to most readers.

  4. Never submit an article without re-reading it for clarity, ensuring the text flows comprehensively from one idea to the next.

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